Friday, 2 October 2015

Palm Oil and Deforestation

Palm oil kills, but you can make a difference

Up to a hundred species are now becoming extinct every day (Rainforest Rescue)
Did you know that  the production of palm oil is one of the main drivers of deforestation,  as vast tracts of rainforest are daily cleared to make way for palm plantations?

 Far from being old hat, protection of the rainforest is now critical.
In Indonesia, it is estimated that 98% of the forest there will be gone in nine years and that orang utans will have become extinct in the wild. Now, fewer than 400 Sumatran Tigers remain in the wild
Deforestation also destroys the lives of tribal peoples and worsens climate change dramatically, whereas when left, undisturbed tropical forests are absorbing nearly a third of all CO2 emissions.

 Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of the palm plants (not to be confused with coconut palms) and it is now in half of supermarket products.It is even used in vegan products. including cakes, chocolate, soaps, make-up etc.The Vegetarian Society has this month agreed to bring up the palm issue with its manufacturers.

Whether in products or as a biofuel, the use of palm oil is immoral and unsustainable. Don’t let manufacturers fool you. Claims of being ‘sustainable’ or ‘organic’ are not born out. Some say they are accredited by the RSPO, but this is fatally flawed and hasn’t prevented human rights abuses or protected virgin forest. See 'Declaration of greenwashing of palmoil by the RSPO' (Google)

Palm oil is now used as a biofuel in transport and power stations. The government thinks that as a biofuel palm oil stations would help climate change, but their use creates more climate change gases than fossil fuels.
They are pledging to award biofuel power stations using palm oil, massive subsidies from OUR electricity bills. A power station in Bristol, if it goes ahead would receive £39million in subsidies (ROCS) per YEAR, which should be spent on truly green alternative energy-wind, water, solar, tidal, hydroelectricity etc. Why are we to be subsidizing slaughter?


1) Write to your MP see details on biofuels consultation and letter to MP.

Ask them to :

a) Stop using subsidies (ROCS) from our electricity bills to support  palm oil power stations and for these power stations to be banned.
b) Stop the explosion of palm oil use in consumer products
c) Focus on practical measures to protect the rainforest

2) Lessen your use of palm oil products

3) Encourage manufacturers to stop using palm oil in their products

4) Spread the word via emails, Facebook etc.

5) Your ideas…!...
6) Can you help us with admin? It would really help the campaign!

Contact Zenith Milner for information and enquiries . Do look around the site and find draft letters to your MPS and   the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and MPs' briefing.
Further info: See (bring tissues) Google 'palm oil dead orangutans'-you won't like what you find.Also thewebsites:


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