Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Draft Letter to Dept of Energy and Climate Change

Please send this email or your own letter/version to daveye@parliament.uk and charles.hendry@decc.gsi.gov.uk


Consultation about the Renewables Obligation Banding Review 11D/876

I am responding to the Consultation on the Renewables Obligation Banding Review.  I call on DECC to remove ROCs  subsidies for bioliquids, biomass and waste incineration.

I do not wish subsidies taken from my electricity bill to cause the destruction of rainforest and other forests. The idea of using upto £3 billion of our public money to subsidize forest destruction is totally unacceptable. Sadly very few people know about this issue so each letter you get will speak for many.

Unlike the other renewables under review, biofuels and biomass  increase carbon emissions rather than reducing them. Biomass electricity produces 50% more carbon emissions than coal.  Liquid biofuels produce more greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels. For this reason alone the subsidies should be stopped.

Palm oil production leads to deforestation and other ecosystem destruction releasing further carbon emissions and highly detructive methane when peat lands are disturbed.
The forest that still remains is currently absorbing 20% of the worlds CO2 emissions-to remove this forest is totally counterproductive. It is essential that the remaining rainforest is protected.

For many more reasons too-
Human rights abuses, including land grabs, murder, rape. Tribal people lose everything. And even for selfish reasons it could be useful to learn from them about the medicinal herbs in the rainforest, not throw them off their land with no means of supporting themselves.

The killing, maiming, burning alive and torture of animals, pushing  many animals further to extinction associated with palm oil production should not be allowed. Why should orang utans be further threatened by the production of palm oil for power stations over here? They are already estimated to be extinct in six years. There are fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers left-why should they be made extinct in the wild because of our energy policy? And sun bears and Sumatran elephants? We need to be looking for ways to protect endangered species, not aggravating the problem. DECC has a  moral responsibility not to  allow subsidies for palm oil production which harms people, animals and plants. It is unacceptable for energy policies to undermine the efforts for conservation of other government departments, concerned citizens, scientists, and those working to protect animals and  the environment.

Biofuel power stations cause much pollution with nitrous oxides and PM10 and PM2.5 particulates which are harmful to heart, lungs and skin. Local MPs, councillors, doctors and residents in areas where biofuel power stations have been planned are very concerned about health effects, including heart disease, asthma and eczma.For these reasons power stations were refused planning permission in Southall and Newport. Local residents should not have polluting power stations foisted upon them. Biomass burning produces similar levels of air pollution as coal burning, with even higher levels of nitrogen dioxide and small particulates.

Instead of looking to subsidize destructive biofuels and biomass, I ask you to look to subsidise truly green alternatives such as solar, wind-appropriately sited-,wave, tidal. geothermal and other innovations, and hydroelectricity including imported.

It is vital that we take reduced consumption into the equation. Large scale insulation schemes-which provide many jobs- are essential to conserve energy-especially for the elderly. It is a disgrace that 25,000 pensioners died last year (last figures 2009-2010). And 3.5 were in fuel poverty. This must be remedied through insulation and other measures.

I therefore ask you to put a stop to subsidies for biofuels and biomass. They are neither ethical or sustainable.Thankyou.

Yours sincerely,


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