Saturday, 21 April 2012

Benjy, the baby orang utan, hands in an 
 Orang-a-gram to
Brian from the Department of Energy and Climate Change saying stop using palm oil as a biofuel

Benjy, the suffragette, makes a stand against the use of palm oil in power stations

Benjy the suffragette, makes a stand against the use of palm oil in power stations!    
So can you! Write to your MP today! Standard letter in website!        

Hanging around after delivering the Orang-a-gram to David Cameron's representative at No 10 Downing St.   :0
Benjy gives a friendly wave to the human helpers.

                                                                     "Britain is a bit colder than Borneo, but I have had a warm reception from my human friends especially Aidan  who did the photos,which he told me to say to you are not 'photo shopped or nuffin' (that's how he speaks!), and Zenith. But there is no time to waste so please help put an end to these subsidies for palm oil as a biofuel. So much rainforest in our lands has already gone and the rest must be saved, please. You may not have written to an MP but it's not hard-they are human after all! It doesn't have to be posh just let them know what you think- they may not even know about whats going on. so tell them!And you can find a letter suggestion on the website. So many people including MPs do not know about the danger we are in and that they can make a difference by stopping giving subsidies to palm oil -as a biofuel- where they don't belong.Ask  them for the real renewables please, like wind, wave, tidal,solar and hydro electricity.Please harness the natural forces not destroy more than you can possibly imagine.Tell them to stop this monkey business. No subsidies for palm oil power stations!" :0


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